November 07, 2002

Speaking in Soundbites

I got an opportunity today at the WS-I Plenary meeting I am attending this week to do a media interview, which was an interesting experience. The WS-I Organisation are going to be making a promotional video for use at trade shows, etc, explaining what WS-I does, why it is important to the industry, and why people should be involved in the organisation, and they asked for volunteers to do a short 10 minute video interview.

In case you have never tried it before, doing an unscripted video interview is an interesting challenge! It's not so much because the questions are hard (because they're not), but it's more because you have to give the answers in "sound byte" form. You also have to make sure your answers are self contained, and leaving suitable pauses in the right places to allow the editors to pull out just the bits they want.
This is of cause totally unnatural to any human being (except polititions, but there don't really count, do they!)

I'm still not at the top of the the learning curve on this just yet, but I am rapidly learning how to speak in soundbites when required.

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