December 04, 2002

Driving on the Left

Firstly, a Get Well Soon message to Mark Baker, who is feeling under the weather at the moment with Strep Throat.

I have indeed been catching up on my postings recently, and I have not been going out of my way to target postings at Mark - it's just that I think he brings up some very interesting points that software architects need to be aware of and consider and which make for useful discussion, so I guess I am a bit obsessed too ;-)

Once again, I find my thoughts very close to Mark's, in that the idea of architectural best practice, and decisions about which constraints to apply, are very clearly contentual - to follow Mark's example, driving on the left makes perfect sense in the UK, but would be suicide in the USA due to the different road traffic environment and rules.

I think Mark and I still disagree slightly on the relative priority of some of the various constraints or design principles that can be applied to system designs, but without a concrete scenario problem to be solved it just turns into an academic discussion where both sides have valid positions and arguments, and neither side is actually wrong, so it's really not worth falling out over and I will drop the discussion at this point.

Hope you are feeling better soon, Mark.

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