December 09, 2002

Registering and Discovering RSS Feeds in UDDI

Just came across this article by Karsten Januszewski at Microsoft during a Google search :

Registering and Discovering RSS Feeds in UDDI

The use of Universal, Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) to catalog and discover RSS news feeds is a logical application of UDDI in its mission of description and discovery [...]

One refinement to the approach in this article was pointed out by Don Box:

One could argue that he really needs an N+1th tModel to represent the RSS-ness independent of version. This would allow clients that can consume all versions to find all feeds with a simple UDDI query.

Although I think the jury is still out on UDDI generally, this article does illustrate the point that UDDI is about much more than just Web Services.

I suspect that some of these ideas may be part of the reason Don Box, one of the main XML thinkers at Microsoft is on record as saying about UDDI:

If WSDL and UDDI were both hanging from a cliff and I could only save one of them, it would be UDDI.
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