January 06, 2003

Catching up

Back at work after the extended Christmas vacation, and catching up with all the correspondence and news.

I was able to spend some time in New York to see some of the sights and soak up some of the Christmas spirit which the Big Apple does so well. I have only managed to spend many boring hours "passing through" JFK airport before, so this was my first visit to NYC itself.

I spent some time at Ground Zero, to pay my respects to all those who died, but also to see the plans for a replacement building. There is a lot of debate about how best to balance the need for combining remembrance with renewal and rebuilding, but from what I saw I think a good balance will be reached overall.

I was very impressed with all the lights and decorations - one of the most striking being the very patriotic display at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

In contrast, I have to say the decorations in London this year provided a very disappointing comparison with those in NYC, and in my opinion London's efforts were an absolute disgrace for one of the major capital cities of the world. I know many people in London have similar feelings about this, so hopefully Mayor Ken is listening and things will improve for next time.

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