January 13, 2003

The Search for the XML Oriented Programming Language

Several people have posted replies or follow on comments about my earlier blog about the emerging ideas around XML-Oriented Programming (XOP) Languages.

From Dare Obasanjo :

Some guy called Jorgen Thelin thinks an XML oriented programming language means a language that processes the PSVI (i.e. a language that is strongly tied to W3C XML Schema). [More...]

[Dare Obasanjo]

From Gordon Weakliem :

Jorgen Thelin responded to a post by James Strachan about X# where James questioned the value of an XML programming language [More...]

[Gordon Weakliem]

Starting with Dare's point, I don't think I did actually say that an XML oriented programming language would necessarily be based on PSVI, although that is certainly one of the options. Another possible angle is something more along the lines of XQuery as Dare points out. Equally there are the "scripting" based approaches such as used by MN8 or Jelly which may ultimately end up the winners.

I think both Dare's and Gordon's comments, plus my earlier postings actually all point to the same conclusion - we still don't know exactly what an XML-oriented programming language should or will look like, and to me that is the big question we have to bottom out during this year.

So I predict that 2003 will be the year we all experience the search for the true meaning of "XML-oriented programming"!

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Excerpt: In a posting about X# (XSharp), James Strachan makes the comment: I can't help thinking that real programming languages should just provide their own APIs to XML and web services - is there really such a need for a new programming language just for XML...
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