February 06, 2003

Basic Profile v1.0 draft

John Burkhardt writes about a new draft of the WS-I Basic Profile document being released:
WS-I announced the availability draft of the Basic Profile Version 1.0. This is a great milestone! Congratulations to the authors and contributors to what I hope will be a big step forward toward SOAP interoperability. As the spec is still in draft form, we can expect change and nothing has been finalized yet, but its well worth careful study.
[ John Burkhardt ]
Although this is actually a working group milestone draft of the document, this is fairly good indication of what the final form will be like. Things are indeed very close to finished now on BP 1.0, as for the last few days I have been at the WS-I Basic Profile working group face-to-face meeting in Redmond which has been resolving the remaining issues for the v1.0 profile. The editors are now incorporating the remaining revisions resulting from this meeting as we speak, and the final release candidate version of the document will then start on its way through the formal approval process for ratification and adoption by the whole WS-I Organization.

I am convinced it will indeed represent "a big step forward toward SOAP interoperability" as John hopes.

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