March 04, 2003

About BEA adding and adding and adding to the WS-* jumble

Christian Weyer posted an item entitled "About BEA adding and adding and adding to the WS-* jumble"

I think the title says it all, unfortunately!
Adding and adding and adding and adding and adding and adding .......!

The whole rash of WS-* specifications are pushing Web Services technology way too far to the "complex" end of the scale IMHO.

I strongly believe that all the lessons from the Internet's birth and early growth prove that complexity just does not work in the long term, so I fear the worst from all these moves from the established industry players.

Simplicity is good - and as Albert Einstein said:

"Things should be made as simple as possible - but no simpler"
Sure, we can build this brave new world with all these WS-* facets, but what's the point if developers will need to understand such a massive list of specifications to be able to do anything? That baby just won't fly!

I think Sam Gentile shares some of my reservations too:

"jumble" is right. Its too many, too fast and quite impossible for many to keep up with.
[ Sam Gentile's Blog - About BEA adding and adding and adding to the WS-* jumble ]
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Yes Jorgen. It is really somehow frustrating to see the specs flood we are currently facing. But I hope that some big and important companies can tie together the Web Services world and bring all participants back onto one road in that they quickly show up with implementations for their major drafts. Do they hear me ...? Posted by: Christian Weyer on March 5, 2003 12:24 PM