March 16, 2003

Decision time for WS-I members

What can I say, except agree with the words of Phil Wainewright from (emphasis added) :

On balance, I think Sun is still going to come in first, but the result for the other place could have a significant impact on how WS-I develops in the future. My money is on Cape Clear, which I think makes a persuasive case for representing the smaller members of WS-I, and which is well connected within the industry. WS-I's current board of Accenture, BEA, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP looks a bit too much like the establishment old guard for my liking. Adding Cape Clear would spice things up a bit more to my taste.
[ - Decision time for WS-I members ]

I jump on a plane to Salt Lake City tomorrow morning for the WS-I Members meeting, where ultimately all the speculation and brouhaha around the elections will finally be put to rest.

My money's on Cape Clear too, by the way ;-)

Watch this space ......

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