March 01, 2003

Dinner with Tim and Ingo

As it is currently in-vogue to blog about who you met for dinner, I had a nice meal last night with Tim Ewald and Ingo Rammer along with their partners Sarah and Katja. Tim and Ingo have been speaking at the DevWeek conference this week in London.

As well as some discussion about the state of the Web Services world, we got talking about the different QoS (Quality of Service) standards used in restaurants in London, Austria and the USA - and boy is there a big difference!

It also turns out that I ate at Zoe's restaurant in New York City earlier this week, which coincidently is an establishment that once ejected Tim and Sarah (in the nicest possible way, of course!) Small world, eh? After they had finished their meal at Zoe's and paid the (rather large) check, the group of people they were dining with was asked to leave rather promptly so the tables could be turned for other waiting diners.

I guess a different set of QoS rules operate in New York restaurants compared with the rest of the USA even (but then we probably already knew that, didn't we?!)

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