March 25, 2003

Do We Need a Standardized RSS Specification?

James Snell wrote:

Which is better... a "real" standard or a spec everyone agrees to implement, "real" or not?

and then later on ...

"We don't need a standardized RSS specification."

I just can't believe you wrote that, James!

That's like saying we don't need WS-I because everyone is using Web Services and we can always fix any interop problems on a point-to-point basis! I believe very close to 100% of WS-I members would not agree with _that_ viewpoint.

I have nothing against an "ad-hoc" standardization and consensus building PROCESS, so long as what comes out the end is a stable and interoperable standard/specification which can be baked into real products, and which won't require changes every day/week/month.

So let me pose a specific question to James and the world at large:

Isn't it about time to propose RSS as an official Internet Standard? (as per RFC-2026)
Or is there some other organization we (the industry) should consider?

It feels to me like RSS has reached the point where we should be thinking along such lines, as RSS is rapidly becoming part of the core Internet fabric.

And yes, I do consider an RFC to qualify as a "real standard", BTW.

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Posted by Jorgen Thelin at March 25, 2003 07:58 PM - [PermaLink]
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