March 15, 2003

Has Jeff Bezos Patented Weblog Comments?

A recent PC Magazine article entitled "Has Jeff Bezos Patented E-Mail Discussion Groups?" about US patent 6,525,747 raises some interesting questions for blogs. (emphasis added)

Last Tuesday, February, 25, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a new patent to Jeff Bezos, the CEO of online retailer, granting him exclusive rights to "a method and system for conducting an electronic discussion relating to a topic".
The only significant difference between this patented system and existing e-mail discussion-group software is that the former is meant to facilitate e-commerce. The topic under discussion is always an item for sale, and each message contains a description of the item and a Web link that lets you purchase it.

Whether weblog postings and the follow-up comments system would fall into this patent definition is something only time and the courts will probably decide.

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