March 29, 2003

Native XML Scripting

Sam Ruby highlights an interesting development at ECMA which may bring us a step closer to XOP - XML-oriented Programming:

ECMA: ECMA International (ECMA) is completing extensions to the widely used ECMAScript standard, currently being updated to its 4th Edition. The enhancements known as E4X (ECMAScript for XML) standardize the syntax and semantics of a general-purpose, cross-platform, vendor-neutral set of programming language extensions adding native XML support in ECMAScript.

John Schneider documented some of the earlier work that influenced this spec. I haven't kept close tabs on how it has evolved since then, but I'm confident that Tim Bray would approve.

[ Sam Ruby - Native XML scripting ]

John Schneider's paper certainly provides some interesting ideas on combining XML creation, modification and navigation APIs which will be more intuitive to many programmers than DOM or SAX, with xpath / xquery-style filtering and iteration operations that can unleash the true power of native XML-based approaches.

John's ideas seems to me like the closest thing we have at the moment to raising the level of abstraction involved in XML programming and making those tasks easier and more usable to mainstream programmers.

I guess Tim Bray would approve of _that_.

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