March 28, 2003

Six Components of a Business Process Manager

In a CNET article entitled "Pay attention to BPM", William Gurley lists six key components in any BPM solution : (abridged)

  • IDE - An development environment used to design processes, rules, events and exceptions.
  • Process engine - Keeps track of the states and variables for all of the active processes.
  • User directory - Lists people in the system by name, department, group, role and authority level.
  • Work flow - Communication infrastructure that forwards tasks to the appropriate individual - usually by leveraging browsers and corporate e-mail.
  • Reporting / process monitoring - Tracks the performance of current processes and the personnel who are executing these processes. Supports process and quality improvement efforts.
  • Integration - All business processes require data from systems throughout the organization.

[ William Gurley - Pay attention to BPM ]

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