March 12, 2003

The Face of Web Services

It seems that overnight Darren Barefoot has turned into the "Face of Web Services" following his CapeScience "Switch To Web Services" movie clip being mentioned by Jon Udell, Simon Fell,, and of course me.

Disclosure: Darren and I both work for Cape Clear, but I think his movie is still cool!

As Darren says in his own weblog:

This quarter [my traffic generating gimic] is yet another Apple Switch satire. The original ads were great, but all of the satires that have appeared since then are all the better. Mine is, predictably, about switching to Web services. If you don't know much about technology or Web services, it'll be even less funny than it already is. That said, it does feature the line 'Web services are loosley coupled, which kinda makes them like the wife-swapping of the software industry'.
[ Darren Barefoot - I'm a Star, Sort Of]
I can't wait to see the sequel! ;-)
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