March 16, 2003

Web Service Architecture Styles

James Snell makes some comments that tie up with my own recent thoughts about architecture styles in one of my presentations.

The problem with this is that there isn't a single Web services model. There are at least three:

  • REST Style: an endpoint is a resource
  • RPC Style: an endpoint is an interface
  • Messaging Style: an endpoint is a mailbox

[ snellspace - Oh What A Muddled Mess ]

I made a further distinction between Messaging and Service-oriented Request/Response styles based largely on asynchronous requests (ie. no directly correlating reply message), but I believe this roughly amounts to the same breakdown that James is making here. I do like James' succinct definitions above though.

I have a few presentations in the works at the moment taking about architecture styles and the evolution occurring in the industry from object-oriented RPC to Service-oriented architecture styles. I hope to share shortly for public feedback and comment, because I still believe there is a lot of learning and thinking in this area we need to do as an industry.

Update: I seem to have got the hyperlinks totally messed up on the original version of this post, but I fixed them now.

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