April 26, 2003

Monterey Peninsula and Pebble Beach

Lone Cypress For a little R&R, I took a drive down to the Monterey Peninsula to see the fantastic scenery along 17 Mile Drive and around Pebble Beach. It was slightly longer than I had estimated to get there (both distance and time wise), but most definitely worth the trip.

The scenery is just incredable! No picture can ever do justice to the full view of the Restless Sea at Point Joe.
The views of the Lone Cypress and the Pebble Beach golf course itself are equally breathtaking. You can get some sense of the scenery from the on-line golf course tour. Also, here's a link to some nice photos I found online in Jan Adam's photo album.

There is some very fine real estate around the area too - way our of most people's price bracket of course, but it's nice to dream...... a large house in 4.5 acres of land = USD 15.5 million.

The guide book said to allow about one hour for the trip along 17 Mile Drive, but I spent nearly 4 hours there driving and walking, and I didn't really hang around too much. With a picnic you could easily spend a whole day there. With a set of golf clubs (and a very large wallet!) you could easily spend a whole month on the 5 golf courses there!

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