April 18, 2003

RSS 2.0 Becoming a "Real Standard"

After some backroom noodling, the RSS 2.0 format should hopefully be on its way to becoming a "real standard". I hope and believe this will ensure RSS becomes part of the standard Internet infrastructure as a true ubiquitous standard.

RSS needs a bit of stablity (as I've often said), so I've gotten off of my duff and done something about it.

For your interest, an Internet-Draft of RSS 2.0.

As it says, this is RSS 2.0, as Dave has specified it, just in spec-ese. It is derived from Dave's spec, but I DON'T intend to fork it with this effort; the idea here is to document the format in a way that can be normatively referenced by the media type registration, as well as other specs down the line.

Comments appreciated, especially if you find any divergence with the original spec. Dave has told me that he's ambivalent about this one, which is fine by me; I don't want to step on his feet, and definately want to give credit where it's due.

If the community agrees that this is a faithful representation of the RSS 2.0 format as described by Dave, the next step is to request its publication as an Informational RFC, after fixing a few nits

[ Mark Nottingham - Let's try this ]

For obvious reasons, I am already fully supporting Mark's proposal.

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