April 17, 2003

Weblog Stars

Tom Murphy and I recently gave an interview with BtoB magazine about how we are using and encouraging weblogs at Cape Clear.

The article "Corporate blogs make personal connection" by Richard Karpinski has now been published online, and makes an interesting read - including quotes from the ever quotable Doc Searls.

I *think* the article is also implying I am now a "weblog star" - gosh, thanks!

Weblogs can also help bring exposure to employees and even create corporate "stars." For instance, Cape Clear's chief scientist, Jorgen Thelin, credits his Weblog with raising his "personal visibility in the industry."
[ BtoB Online - Corporate blogs make personal connection ]

Some of the replies and comments we sent in did not make it into final article, but they probably deserve a wider airing so I will post some excerpts of those separately.

Update: Rick Bruner links to me among the list of "pioneers of corporate blogging" in his commentary about the BtoB article. Thanks!

Update: I posted these follow on items:

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Why do I Blog?
Excerpt: From a corporate viewpoint, the main purpose of my weblog is to engage with the other thought leaders and technical opinion formers in the industry - such as Don Box and Tim Ewald from Microsoft, Sam Ruby from IBM, John McDowall from Grand Central, Jo...
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