April 17, 2003

Why do I Blog?

From a corporate viewpoint, the main purpose of my weblog is to engage with the other thought leaders and technical opinion formers in the industry - such as Don Box and Tim Ewald from Microsoft, Sam Ruby from IBM, John McDowall from Grand Central, Jon Udell from InfoWorld, and many others.

There are two main reasons for doing this:

  1. To validate that our company's technical ideas and thinking is correct and applicable across a wide range of situations and circumstances
  2. To provide some evidence that, from a deep techie standpoint, Cape Clear do understand the XML infrastructure technology we develop. We have a vision for the evolution of that technology, and we want people to feel they can trust our technical judgement.

Exposing our technical thoughts for public scrutiny is the ultimate "acid test". Weblogs are a great way for us to confirm our technical thinking is correct, as people soon point out any crazy ideas!

The other key benefit is that RSS feeds provide a low cost "pull" model of information distribution. Cape Clear has many RSS feeds available - including Corporate News, Press Releases, and lots of developer related stuff. We don't have to make efforts to "push" the information out to people - through RSS news aggregators and hyper linking from other weblogs, the information tends to flow to people under it's own momentum - almost with a life of its own sometimes!

The other reason for my weblog is more personal.
Despite my initial concern that I would rapidly run out of things to say, I have found that I do have a lot of technical opinions and thoughts that are good to air. Going through the process of writing those opinions down and posting them for public consumption and feedback has really helped me crystallize my thoughts in many areas. I guess blogging releases my ideas from my brain more, and provides some closure for my thinking.

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