May 06, 2003

Simple Semantics Resolution

Simple Semantics Resolution - RSS 2.0 Module by Danny Ayers


This specification defines the Simple Semantics Resolution (SSR) Module for the RSS 2.0 syndication format. The purpose of SSR is to provide a mechanism by which the semantics of an RSS 2.0 document can be unambiguously resolved to an RDF model. This is done by declaring the RSS 2.0 file as being an RDF representation and provide a mapping between the RSS 2.0 syntax and the RDF model. The mapping is declared using XSLT to give an RSS 1.0-based representation, this RDF/XML serialization providing anchorage to the RDF model.

Put simply: an element is added to the source RSS 2.0 document which declares "this is RDF, and here is the mapping". This has absolutely no effect on the interpretation of the document as RSS 2.0 within the bounds of that specification, but enables the contents of RSS 2.0 files to be considered first class material for the Semantic Web.

This specification is intended to act as a bridge between RSS 2.0 and RSS 1.0 on a technical level, it is hoped readers of this document will consider the technical aspects above any political concerns. No general criticism of either format is intended here.

[ Simple Semantics Resolution - RSS 2.0 Module by Danny Ayers ]

Also provided is an XSLT script by Sjoerd Visscher to transform RSS 2.0 data into RDF / RSS 1.0 data.

Danny also provides notes on how to SSR-enable any other RSS 2.0 modules, although in many cases no action will/should be required.

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