May 17, 2003

The Interoperable Security Challenge

Alan Kotok provides a report from XML Europe 2003, including a nice summary of my presentation about interoperable security using XML.

A good quote from my presentation:

... the goal of Web services should be to build security and identity into the boilerplate of the solution, which real standards can make happen.
At that point, Web services can declare the security requirements for doing business, such as type of authentication used by the service, and required transport or message security attributes, which would put control of security in the hands of the services' security administrators and not the vendors.
[ Getting Web Services Ready for Business ]

I sat in on the talk by the guys at FAO, and it is always useful to hear more real-world case studies and experiences. The systems at FAO deal with enough languages and locales to give most developers nightmares, but it all works out in the end through the successful use of metadata.

I didn't see Jon Bosak's talk so I can't comment about that in any detail. I am eagerly awaiting some signs of when ebXML starts gaining some traction from end-user organizations in the industry, and finally becomes a "real standard".

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