May 02, 2003

What a journey!

Arrived back in the UK, but what a journey that was!

Things started out with a two hour delay with our plane sitting on the tarmac in San Francisco waiting for takeoff clearance due to bad weather around the Chicago area. Luckily the air crew switched the movie on early, and brought an extra one too, which helped to pass the time.

Then when we arrived at Chicago O'Hare, the plane pulled up at the gate but they would not allow the exit way to be connected up or allow us off the plane due to a "security alery". Apparently an "elderly gentleman" had "run though a security checkpoint" without stopping, and the TSA could not find where he went to then so they sealed the whole terminal until he was located and "dealt with".

Once all that cleared, with the knock on affect on departure time of our next flight due to clearing the backlog at the security checkpoints, we eventually got underway back to London.

Finally things seemed to be running smoothly, except of course for the usual aur traffic delays into Heathrow meaning we flew round the outer marker for 30 minutes before beginning our approach for landing...... I have flown into LHR enough times to know a "normal landing", so when the engines started revving and we started climbing again during our approach run I know things were not quite right! It turns out there was another plane sitting on the runway we were approaching to land on, so the pilot had to abort the landing during the approach run and go round for another try!

After all that, I'm just glad to be home in one piece!!

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