June 22, 2003

Business Transaction Management

A quick plug for one of Cape Clear's key partners, Choreology Ltd in London:

Cohesions 1.0 is a Coordination Service that enables update operations spanning multiple business services to be aligned and synchronized. Business processes using Cohesions 1.0 benefit from application-level consistency, and automated completion of business transactions, even in the event of failures.

Cohesions 1.0 implements Business Transaction Protocol 1.0 and WS-Coordination + WS-Transaction.

Cape Clear's Server product is one of the major runtime platforms supported, so if you need to do transactional Web Services right now, do give Choreology Cohesions and Cape Clear Server a try.

Also, while I'm in "cheesy plugs" mode, Cape Clear and Choreology are co-hosting a seminar with HSBC in London on July 3rd entitled "Web Services in the Financial Community".
More details here, but there are only 100 spaces available, so register soon.

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