June 04, 2003

Jupiter's Microsoft Monitor Weblog

Simon Phipps points to the new Microsoft Monitor Weblog from Jupiter Research.

Jupiter's Microsoft Monitor Research Service helps vendors prepare for market opportunities created by new Microsoft initiatives. In addition, Microsoft Monitor helps business and enterprise users discover which strategies are most successful in dealing with Microsoft and how to best exploit the customer relationship. The Microsoft Monitor Weblog is a companion to Jupiter's Microsoft Monitor Research Service and provides additional news, analysis and insight relevant to the areas most important for Microsoft's growth in both the business and consumer marketplaces. The content on this Weblog is often based on late-breaking events whose sources are deemed to be reliable. The insight and recommendations represent Jupiter's initial analysis. As a result, our positions are subject to refinements or major changes as Jupiter analysts gather more information and perform further analysis.

A useful companion to Mary Jo Foley's Microsoft Watch for those who need to track what the Boys from Redmond are up to.

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