June 09, 2003

More fun with disk drives

After my recent problems with disk drives, I have purchased a simple RAID controller and extra disk to construct a simple mirrored RAID 1 configuration to safeguard my main application data.
However, getting this working has proved rather problematic. After much formatting, data copying, disk checking, reformatting, recopying, and rechecking, I have worked out one of the channels on the new controller is not working completely correctly. If I connect a disk to that channel, then try a chkdsk it always fails during the index check stage with an "Unknown error", but if I move that disk to the other channel, it all validates OK. This happens with both the new and old disk drives, so I know it is not the drives themselves.
I need to try swapping the cable connected to that channel to confirm whether it is the controller or the connector that is at failt, and there is also a FLASH BIOS version upgrade available from the Adaptec support website I should probably try, but I suspect it will end up being an RMA return for a replacement.
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Posted by Jorgen Thelin at June 9, 2003 08:25 AM - [PermaLink]