June 09, 2003

Posting through NewsGator

I have now upgraded to NewsGator v1.2, and am starting using the MoveableType posting plugin.

Benefits include all the built-in spell checking facilities in Outlook, plus I should never get unmatched XML tags again.

If you see this post, it's working fine!

Update: 10-Jun-2003 - Well, things are definitely not fine with this post!
Phil Ringnalda pointed out some problems with the post in SharpReader, and looking in to it more I found more problems too.
I have patched up the text of the post by hand for now until I sort out the underlying problem(s).

Ah, the fun of living on the "bleeding edge" ;-)

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Posted by Jorgen Thelin at June 9, 2003 04:18 PM - [PermaLink]
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Posting through NewsGator - Part 2
Excerpt: Well, things are definitely not fine with my first posting from NewsGator!! The class name data on the span elements need quotes, as Phil Ringnalda points out. The main body of the post is definitely not valid xhtml either - as an example, it uses upp...
Weblog: TheArchitect.co.uk - Jorgen Thelin's weblog
Tracked: June 10, 2003 09:54 AM
Posting through NewsGator - Part 3
Excerpt: Greg Reinacker posted a response to my NewsGator posting problem on the NewsGator support forum. So after some digging, it looks like the underlying source of the problem is that the Outlook editor is passing through HTML data which is not necessarily...
Weblog: TheArchitect.co.uk - Jorgen Thelin's weblog
Tracked: June 11, 2003 09:51 AM
Well, almost fine! There seems to be a problem with categories not being set, but I need to look into that in more detail. Posted by: Jorgen Thelin on June 9, 2003 03:26 PM
Well, I can't see it at all: the RSS validator says "XML Parsing error: :54:21: not well-formed (invalid token)", SharpReader's a bit more helpful with "The '9' character, hexadecimal value 0x39, cannot begin a name. Line 54, position 22" though I think what they both mean is that you need to have quotes around the class name (at least, I think classes are nmtokens, and can start with digits, rather than names that have to start with a letter or underscore). Posted by: Phil Ringnalda on June 10, 2003 05:49 AM
Well, definitely not fine!! More investigation of the problems here. Posted by: Jorgen Thelin on June 10, 2003 09:57 AM
I posted a response on the newsgator forums. Interestingly, my personal feed (http://www.rassoc.com/gregr/weblog/rss.aspx) also has the class without quotes, and it validates ok at http://feeds.archive.org/validator/. Is there an additional problem with your feed? Posted by: Greg Reinacker on June 10, 2003 03:20 PM
Hi Greg, Thanks for the response on the NewsGator support forum. I'm afraid I didn't try the RSS validator myself, but Phil mentioned errors from that in the comment above. I did try the W3C XHTML validator, and that did specifically complained about the class attribute not having quotes round it, so I lumped it into the full list of problems to be fixed anyway. - Jorgen Posted by: Jorgen Thelin on June 11, 2003 09:52 AM