June 25, 2003

Update on RSS 2.0 Schema

I have had some comment, feedback and queries about the RSS 2.0 Schema I created previously.

Randy Charles Morin asked whether I intend to maintain this schema, to which the answer is yes.

Sean Gerety asked which regexps I still need. Here's the list:

  • A regexp pattern for MIME media-type
  • A regexp pattern for checking a string value is a valid URL

Andreas Schwotzer pointed out some bugs in the schema (oops!) which I have now fixed. He also mentioned some problems using the schema with Altova stylevision-designer expecting global-elements, but I'm not sure what the resolution to that will be.

I also added a LGPL license to the schema to keep the lawyers happy and CMA.

The most up to date version of the RSS schema at http://www.thearchitect.co.uk/schemas/rss-2_0.xsd

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Posted by Jorgen Thelin at June 25, 2003 03:22 PM - [PermaLink]
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Sorry Jorgen, I've been distracted. I will get around to adding your schema to PSS eventually. Thanks for the reminder though. Posted by: Randy Charles Morin on July 4, 2003 01:56 PM
Jorgen, While doing some research on URI's I found the following RegEx. ^(([^:/?#]+):)?(//([^/?#]*))?([^?#]*)(\?([^#]*))?(#(.*))? Note: The RegEx should start with a caret in front of the expression. I'm not sure why the caret isn't showing up, however the actual RegEx can be found here in Appendix B. http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2396.txt This will match all the parts of the URI. If you'd like to test it you can do it here. http://www.electrified.net/dev/RegexEvaluate.aspx Maybe I'll get lucky with the Mime type RegEx too! Sean Posted by: Sean Gerety on July 31, 2003 12:58 PM