July 23, 2003

Robert Scoble discovers IKEA

Congratulations on the new house, Robert! I had to get my map out to find where Bothell was (I'm still a bit of a newbie about WA state), but it looks pretty cool. I'll be interesting to compare notes on househunting in the area.

Glad to see you have discovered the joys of IKEA too - but you definitely need to try the meatballs next time!

Oh, Maryam and I visited IKEA last weekend. Wow. Now THAT is an experience. I hear I missed the best part, too. The Swedish meatballs. We're going back soon!

[The Scobleizer Weblog]

IKEA's a bit like a drug in some ways - once you become a user, you can't ever stop. It's just such a great shop - half my home in London is furnished with it! It's probably one of the few shops that would never be any good as an e-commerce website - half the fun of an IKEA shopping trip is "just browsing". Highly recommended.

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