July 18, 2003

The Fire Storm Builds

I had lunch on Wednesday with my friend Andy Grove of Code Futures who was telling me how his FireStorm product is doing. It's selling well apparently, and he has a steady stream of users trying the product and purchasing it - especially now that he has got credit card facilities on the site. He's signed up some partner companies too, so things are building up nicely.

He's just releasing a v1.1 Beta release with some good new functionality including:

  • Massive performance improvements
  • Option to generate EJB Entity Beans
  • Wider Platform Support
  • Extended Database Support

In many ways, it seems that for the majority of people JDO (Java Data Objects) are fast becoming the API of choice for data access using Java, but some still prefer to use EJBs so extending the product to cover that too makes a lot of sense. As Andy said, the choice of particular API or technology you wish to use is much less important anyway once you have a tool like FireStorm which can generate either (or both) at the flick of a switch.

Future versions will add support for stored procedures - again something that not everybody wants, but which is a must-have for some customers.

The idea of generating all the boring code to take care of accessing all the backend data really makes so much sense to me - there really are more important things to spend your time on. Give Andy a call if you agree.

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