July 03, 2003

Why We Need Echo

Ben Trott outlines why he sees a need for the new syndication format:

Over the past couple of days there have been a number of queries as to the technical reasons why we need a new syndication format and API, rather than using RSS and the metaWeblog and/or Blogger API. Below I've outlined what I see as the primary technical ways that Echo can improve upon the foundation laid by RSS and the current weblog APIs (metaWeblog and Blogger). Where appropriate, I've tried to put these into context to show how they can benefit users and developers.

We've pledged our support for the format. We want to see it succeed for the technical reasons discussed below, and because a truly interoperable format for syndication, archiving, and communication benefits all of the existing tools and any tools that are written in the future.

[Ben Trott - Six Log - Why We Need Echo]

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