August 02, 2003

Guess the Programming Language

Here's a little quiz - guess the language / tool being described here:

[Product name] allows businesses to quickly construct enterprise components and services from existing business logic and use these to develop new Web or client/server applications across the distributed enterprise. [Product name] provides an environment both to build new applications and leverage proven business logic, data and programming resources, reducing the development cycle and accelerating deployment of contemporary business applications and reuse of programming skills.
... focusing on the creation and extension of [Programming language name]assets to seamlessly interoperate with new technologies.
In a Service Orientated architecture, [Product name] can expose an existing [Programming language name] interface as a Web service, Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) or COM Component (which can be used for .NET interoperability).
Further, [Product name] can allow seamless integration with XML infrastructures employing XML schema and conforming XML documents

Clue: It's an object-oriented, cross-platform, ISO standards-based language, with full support for XML Web Services.

I bet you'll never guess, and that you'll be surprised by the answer!

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Posted by Jorgen Thelin at August 2, 2003 01:33 PM - [PermaLink]
Wait, I know this - oh its on the tip of my tongue.. Isn't that the language thats been platform neutral for years, has about 190 billion lines of code out there running around 30 billion transactions a day? thats the the one right? but then what do I know eh?! Posted by: Ian on August 4, 2003 12:23 PM