September 17, 2003

Web Services Protocol Workshops

It's been a busy start to my Microsoft career during the last 10 days!

Straight in at the deep end, I have been writing the material for the new Web Services Protocol Workshops pages on MSDN, which went up this morning to coincide with a press briefing by Bill Gates and IBM Software chief Steve Mills in New York.

Gates said workshops to hammer our final details of the new specifications will "happen in the next few months. Those things are very close to being done. We should be able to move forward on these quite quickly."
[ Business Week Online - Microsoft, IBM push Web services advances ]

In the process I have been learning a whole new vocabulary of internal Microsoft terms like "OOF", "alias", "mail thread", "blue badge", "A-dash", and "fire-drill".

My immediate impressions are of a very professional and structured software development organization trying very hard to do the right thing for its customers.

I've also been working with Becky Dias who also used to work for my ex-boss Annrai O'Toole in his Iona days. Small world!

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