October 02, 2003

You are cordially invited...

The authors of the WS-ReliableMessaging specification are hosting a 3-day hands-on, interop workshop in October. The dates and times for this workshop are Oct 14 and 15 (9am to 6 pm) and Oct 16 (9am to 12pm). This workshop will be for companies who have ReliableMessaging implementations based on the WS-ReliableMessaging specification published March 13, 2003, who want to test their implementations with other companies' implementations.

This workshop is an ad-hoc, open forum for companies to test their WS-ReliableMessaging implementations. Attendees bring their own laptops, their implementations and any other tools they feel would be needed; testing among all attendees will occur throughout the day.

[ Reliable Messaging Interoperability Workshop - October 2003 ]

More details of this and other Protocol Workshops can be found on the MSDN Web Services Workshops website.

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