January 21, 2004

Project Niobe - Managed Outlook APIs

Simon Guest highlights Project Niobe in this blog posting [via TSS.NET]

Project Niobe is a prototype SDK that abstracts the VBA, COM and MAPI layers into a single managed object model. From here, you can develop applications that integrate with Microsoft Outlook using existing technologies, but develop against an object model that's more in-line with the design of the classes and namespaces in the .NET Framework.


Looking to the future, it's clear that the advantages of WinFX, WinFS and centralized schemas will undoubtedly provide a new way of accessing data - and will replace some application-based APIs. Until we are able to take advantage of this new technology however, this project has shown some interesting possibilities with today's version of Outlook.


There is already a simple RSS add-in sample, which will no doubt be enhanced by interested parties in the future.

Niobe Sample: "RSS Add-In"

This sample allows you to nominate a set of RSS feeds that can be imported in to folders within Outlook. Items within the RSS feed appear within a nominated folder as new post items. RSS handling within the sample is pretty limited and needs some work (only works on a few RSS versions and types)

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