January 20, 2004

Web Services' Greatest Achilles Heel

Carlos Perez writes:

So let's just assume, for arguments sake, that WebServices is some magical technology where business process composition and therefore integration were painless. The Achilles Heel is that none of these "legacy black boxes" or "obscure languages" have WebService implementations. WebServices are mostly implemented in the most modern environments like Java and .NET. Can anyone point me to a C binding for SOAP, or even a more difficult one that's implemented for Cobol?

So even if WebServices could fix all its foundational problems, its greatest Achilles Heel lies in its failure to solve what's most important, that is the integration of legacy systems.

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Nope. Dead wrong!

To see for example that COBOL and Web Services can and do play really well together, just look at MicroFocus who added Web Services support to their COBOL runtime and tools some time ago. Ian White works for MicroFocus, and both have been members of WS-I.org since its creation. No laggards these guys!

Web Services technology may well have an Achilles Heel, but support across a wide range of "obscure" programming languages and "legacy environments" is definitely not it!

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