February 11, 2004

Java gets Addressing Too

Davanum Srinivas, Chair of the Web Services Project Management Committee at Apache has pointed out that there is also an implementation of the WS-Addressing specification for Apache Axis too.

There is also a container project WSFX (Web Service Functionality Extensions) for implementing the other WS-* specification

The subproject shall create and maintain implementations for web services specifications written in various languages, including Java and C/C++, intended for use in conjunction with one or more ws.apache.org projects. These components will be designed to be used independently of any larger product or framework, and will pertain directly to web services standards. Each package will be managed in the same manner as a larger Web services product. To further this goal, the subproject shall also host a workplace for Web services committers and a master index of reusable packages related to Web services products.

The point when the Apache project starts implementing a technology / speciification is one of the key indicators for me that a technology is actually going mainstream.

This is yet another sign that Web Services are really gaining momentum!

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