February 21, 2004

WS-Eventing Feedback Workshop

We held the first feedback workshop on Thursday for the WS-Eventing spec, and it was a great meeting - possibly the best workshop so far in my view. There was a super attendance from a wide range of sectors - including devices vendors, enterprise and web services specialists, industry vertical orgs, Academia and niche Value Added Networking specialists.

There seemed to be a general recognition and acceptance of the scope of the spec being the minimal interoperability framework applicable across a wide variety of usage situations - and especially recognizing the constraints of being inclusive to constrained devices too. The wide range of participants speaks to how wide the interest in this spec really is, I think.

There were many very relevant questions asked by participants during the open dialog and exchange of ideas. Some great feedback was received and is now being digested by the spec authors.

A mailing list has been set up for follow on discussion, and plans for multi-vendor interop testing are already being discussed. The minutes of the meeting and presentation decks will be posted to that mailing list in the next few days. Join the mailing list and help shape the future of this spec.

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