March 19, 2004

Indigo AppDay

A group of people inside and outside the Indigo team took part in an "AppDay" today, which is an internal education and hands-on training event where people not directly involved in the coding and testing of Indigo (so mostly PMs and managers) get a chance to play around with the latest product milestone and try cutting some code.

The task was to take a pre-written distributed application (in this case it was a multi-player client-server Asteroids game using .NET Remoting) and convert it over to use Indigo code. Even for someone like me who was fairly new to Indigo, and not an expert on .NET programming too, it was amazing how quickly the change over could be done.

After getting the basic conversion working, each of the teams then considered what additional features could usefully be added using the other web services protocols and Indigo features, and most of it could be done with a remarkably small amount of code changes.

My team for example added reliability to the communications by composing the WS-ReliableMessaging protocol onto the existing message exchanges, and this was achieved with just one additional line of code! Some other teams implemented secure message exchange with about a dozen extra lines of code. Someone else on my team implemented a game-bot as another client to automatically play the game (in the name of "stress testing" of course, rather than cheating ;-)

The really cool feature that every team implemented very quickly too was adding WS-Discovery in to the mix to make finding game servers and bootstrapping the client and server addressing aspects of the communication so much simpler. This again took less than a dozen lines of code too! That's a usage for the extremely versitile WS-Discovery spec that may not have been at the front of many people's mind, but I suspect will end up being very popular with geek programmers everywhere.

All in all, a great time was had by all, and Indigo is really shaping up for prime time.

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