April 26, 2004

Moving from WS-Routing to WS-Addressing

MSDN has just published an article by Aaron Skonnard about WS-Addressing. The article investigates the issues surrounding web services routing, and specifically focusing on the move away from the deprecated WS-Routing spec towards the "next hop" routing approach using WS-Addressing. It highlights the core concepts behind WS-Addressing, explores the need for transport-neutral addressing, and how that spec addessses those needs.

The article also shown just how easy it is to implement secure routing using WS-Addressing with WSE 2.0.

WS-Addressing is part of the fundemental core of the web service architecture, and something that all WS system developers and architects need to become familiar with, so go read this article.

Posted by Jorgen Thelin at April 26, 2004 01:30 PM - [PermaLink]
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