April 15, 2004

WS-Eventing Interop Workshop

Today Microsoft is hosting the WS-Eventing Interop Workshop in Redmond. We have engineers from 7 companies sitting in a room testing the interoperability of 7 different implementations of WS-Eventing with each other. There are also 3 other people with implementations who could not attend due to schedule conflicts, but that would have made for one mother-of-a-result-matrix so maybe it's for the better!

As usual, discussions rapidly descended to the level of angle brackets, QNames and namespaces. After a few initial stalls around some underlying glitches in the various HTTP stacks and WS-Addressing implementations, the big results matrix is being filled in rapidly now.

Follow-up discussion from this meeting will be found on the WS-Eventing-Workshops discussion list on Yahoo.

It is also Gudge's 2-year anniversary at Microsoft, so in Indigo tradition we are celebrating with 2-lb of candy to share.

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