May 09, 2004

Why Standards?

It seems that I am not the only one who has been pondering the role of standards and standards organizations.

Craig Pfeifer has pointed me to some comments from last year by Jim Waldo of Sun Microsystems and which got Slashdot'ed.

Common wisdom, especially in distributed computing, says that the right approach to all problems is to use a standard. This common wisdom has no basis in fact or history, and is curtailing innovation and rewarding bad behavior in our industry.

[ Jim Waldo - Why Standards? ]

Just because something is called a standard doesn't make it open; and something that isn't a standard is not, because of that, proprietary

A standards body is often a lousy place in which to invent a technology.

[ Jim Waldo - Why Standards, Part Deux ]

And here's a really thought provoking comment for everyone involved in the Web Services standards space:

If there are multiple groups competing to write a standard for the same thing, it is probably a safe bet that the technology being standardized isn't ready for standardization

[ Jim Waldo - Why Standards, Part Deux ]

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