June 24, 2004

Nuclear Medicine

Today I was back for more medical investigations in the on-going saga of my leg / angle problem. It was kind of scary when the hospital called yesterday to confirm / remind the appointment and they introduced themselves as "Nuclear Medicine"!

Last week I completed over four months of physiotherapy, and thankfully nearly 7 months after the accident much of the original pain has now gone and rebuilding the muscle atrophy is done. However, I am still suffering from pains and stiffness in my legs, and the Podiatrist is somewhat surprised that symptoms are persisting so long. Therefore today I attended as an outpatient for a "bone scan" of both legs / ankles, to get more data on the current state of healing and any secondary problems.

A bone scan is one of the oldest and most commonly performed nuclear medicine practices. In contrast to X-rays of bones, bone scans look at the bones as it lives. The ongoing functions of bone "metabolism" are imaged by the bone scan. Bone scans are very sensitive tests that can detect the slightest abnormalities in bones. An injury to a bone, one as slight as a bone bruise, will cause the bone scan to become "positive".

So now my blood contains some radioactive Calcium with a half life of about 6 hours, and the doctors have lots of pretty pictures of the Gamma rays emitted from my ankles. I hope there are some good news available at the follow on consultation with the Podiatrist next week.

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