November 11, 2004

Microsoft's 'Halo 2' clears a record $125 million in first day

[Microsoft] reported sales of 2.38 million units for the game in the 24 hours since it went on sale in the United States and Canada at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday.

The game's $125 million opening day lives up to Microsoft predictions that "Halo 2" would eclipse even the biggest Hollywood openings. "Spider-Man" holds the record for biggest opening weekend box office take, raking in a comparatively paltry $114 million over three days.

[ CNET - 'Halo 2' clears record $125 million in first day ]

Halo 2 went on sale in the UK and Europe today, so no doubt there will be more record breaking numbers to follow later this week.

At this rate, the first week sales could easily end up being higher than the lifetime sales for Halo 1. Wow!

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