April 19, 2005

WS-RM Spec Submission to OASIS for Standardization

BEA, IBM, Microsoft and TIBCO Software today announced they will shortly be submiting the WS-ReliableMessaging (WS-RM) specification to OASIS for standardization.
A charter has been proposed to OASIS for a new technical committee for finalization and ratification of an industry standard that facilitates the Web services architecture for secure, reliable and transacted Web services.

More Details:

Following the successful completion of the third RM Interop Workshop last week, the WS-ReliableMessaging spec is now exiting the WS-* Workshop Process and moves to the next stage of its life - submission to an external standards organization for finalization and ratification as an industry standard.

This submission represents a significant milestone in collaboration between co-authors as well as the participation of the industry through WS-* feedback and interop workshops -- to further advance interoperability of Web Services technologies.

This spec submission is further demonstration of Microsoft's commitment to the development of open, industry standards to drive widespread adoption of Web services, and to interoperability around the Web Services specs in general.

We have many co-proposers and supporters lined up to support this submission - including an impressive list mentioned in the attached press release.
Microsoft, IBM, BEA Systems, TIBCO Software, Actional, Adobe, Arjuna, Blue Titan, Choreology, Ericsson, IONA, OAGi, Reactivity, Sonic Software, Sun Microsystems, Systinet, webMethods, the U.K. government, and the University of North Carolina.

Microsoft stated up-front that the WS-* Workshop Process is how we develop the WS-* specifications, in collaboration with the industry at large, before submission to a standards setting organization. We've delivered on that promise with the WS-RM spec following that process in its entirety and now exiting the workshop process and moving to OASIS.

I joined Microsoft to be part of days like this!

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