August 18, 2005

WS-Transaction Specs Progress

The latest (and hopefully final) versions of the WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity specificaitons were republished on MSDN and co-author web sites on Tuesday this week.

As the Iona press release points out:

The updates to these specifications represent learnings from the interoperability workshops held in January 2005. Publishing these updated specifications demonstrates that Web services standards are evolving and maturing and can provide the critical support required for real-world, heterogeneous enterprise computing.

Next stop OASIS.....

Posted by Jorgen Thelin at August 18, 2005 08:00 AM - [PermaLink]
I was told that WS-BusinessActivity was being killed. Did it get revived? If so, why? Posted by: Jeff Schneider on August 20, 2005 06:09 AM