October 24, 2005

We Share Your Pain

This video from Microsoft UK has finally surfaced on the Internet, so now I can share details of a forward thinking project at Microsoft looking to improve our customer feedback systems.

WSYP Project: leverage customer feedback for software quality

Windows Server reliability advances are the result of a continuous process of improvement that began with the release of Windows NT Server. But to be effective, the engineering process needs to evolve and be connected directly to the customer in real time. We can then improve the overall customer experience by collecting, analyzing, and responding to customer problems & feedback as it is generated in real-time. Project 'WSYP' is a bold step in that direction - some call it a 'drastic' measure. It is however a promising technique!

British humour (sic) at it's best! ;-)

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Posted by Jorgen Thelin at October 24, 2005 12:23 PM - [PermaLink]