January 06, 2006

Alexander the Great

Shaun Alexander could possibly be the greatest team player and most humble person on the planet with comments like this despite being the first SeaHawk to win the NFL MVP title:

"I know the reason why I love football is because it's the ultimate team sport," said Alexander, the 19th pick overall of the 2000 draft after a record-setting career at Alabama. "You get 10 guys to work together to get one person to score points. It's the only sport, even if you're hot, if everybody else is not hot, then it doesn't work. And that's the great thing about football. It takes all 11 to make things happen."

"For me winning this, it's really saying how well my line's played, how well my receivers have played, how well my fullback has played, how great Matt's audibled, how great Mike's called the game. It's an exciting award for all of us."

[ SeaHawks - Shaun Alexander Named the NFL's Most Valuable Player for 2005 ]

Shaun Alexander led the NFL in rushing yards this season (1,880), and set a league season record with 28 touchdowns.
Some more achievements and stats from a record breaking season for Shaun are in this article.

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