February 10, 2006

MS Research Tech Report - Ripple-Stream: Safeguarding P2P Streaming Against DoS Attacks

Ripple-Stream: Safeguarding P2P Streaming Against DoS Attacks
by Wenjie Wang; Yongqiang Xiong; Qian Zhang
January 2006


Compared with file-sharing and distributed hash table (DHT) network, P2P streaming is more vulnerable to denial of service (DoS) attacks because of its high bandwidth demand and stringent time requirement. This paper studies the design of DoS resilient streaming networks using credit systems. We propose a novel framework---ripple-stream---to improve DoS resilience of P2P streaming. Ripple-stream leverages existing credit systems to introduce credit constraints in overlay construction such that malicious nodes are pushed to the fringe of overlay networks. Combining credit constraints with overlay optimization techniques, ripple-stream can achieve both DoS resilience and overlay efficiency. Our evaluations show that ripple-stream can effectively reduce the convergence time of overlays under attacks and significantly improve the average receiving data rate of the participating peers.
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