March 07, 2006

Second WCF Plug-fest

Today I'm hosting the second plug-fest for Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation product on campus in Redmond along with Kirill.

The low buzz of engineering discussions fills the room, and we hope to capture some of that atmosphere tomorrow when we have Robert Scoble scheduled to pop in with the Channel 9 camera crew.

In preparing for this weeks event, Kirill and I went over to Building 18 to discuss Channel 9 with Vittorio Bertocci and Marc Mercuri, and we ended up doing an impromptu webcast (now ported on the Channel 9 website) where we talk about the background of the workshops and plug-fests.

Meet Kirill Gavrylyuk, Interoperability Program Manager on the WCF team, and Jorgen Thelin, the Program Manager responsible for the Workshops and Specification processes here at Microsoft.

Kirill and Jorgen explain what is the spirit of WCF Interop Plug-Fest, an event regularly kept in Redmond during which different partner and competitor WS-* stacks are tested for interoperability with WCF.
Hear from the protagonists how the WS-* vision is being realized in the products, and discover how you can be active part of the process!

Hosts: Vittorio Bertocci and Marc Mercuri, Architect Evangelists on the Windows Server Evangelism group.

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