May 17, 2006

UnREST over WS-* and other "enterprisey" things

Anne Thomas Manes writes on her weblog:

People accuse WS-* of being too complex. (Somewhat remarkable when you think back to 2000 when everyone was extolling SOAP's simplicity.) Well -- if, as a developer, you need to understand the details of all 60+ WS-* specs, then, yes, WS-* is way too complex. But that's a symptom of WS-*'s immaturity. If we had proper tooling, the only folks that would need to be concerned with all the 60+ specifications are the folks implementing the WS-* toolkits. Developers should really only need to be concerned with a handful of the specs: SOAP, WSDL, and XML Schema--maybe WS-MetadataExchange. Everything else should be handled transparently by the toolkits. I think we'll get there. Microsoft's WCF ("Indigo") demonstrates how easy it can be to use WS-Addressing, WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-Security, WS-Trust, and WS-SecureConversation. All you have to do is specify an annotation, and everything is automatically implemented behind the scenes.

+1. All the people complaining recently about the "complexity" of WS-* obviously aren't using the right development tools!

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